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Sometimes Winning is the Biggest Loss

Greed never fuels success and neither does passiveness. There are many who believe Trade and Politics can never be balanced because victory in each domain requires the approval of very different parties. cyTRADE has been striking a balance for decades and we know what battles are best lost to emerge a victor in war.

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How We Work

Hopefully you've never heard or read much about cyTrade and with luck you never will. We pride ourselves on working diligently for our clients without the noise found in the limelight. Our founders are known to leverage their cultural background and diverse experience for both business and government clients. Our success in bringing diverse parties to the negotiating table required strong relationships that were best not advertised. As a result all clients are referred by our vetted network.

New clients are generally met in social settings and discussions are casual. We first work on developing a kinship that can over time evolve into a friendship based on trust. These things take time, our main goal is to find likeminded clients that share our passion for long term sustainable business. Once we've established our relationship we generally will help for free as much as we are able. However, you must keep in mind you get what you pay for. Our open free advice is given so that our clients can make the most with what they have. When it is agreed that more is needed we are ready to standup a task specific team of network members to develop a fee based contract solution.

Emphisis Areas


Technology will optimize food safety and logistics.


The digital world is reliant on material science.


eCommerce can shape trade balance better than politics.

Pysical+Cyber Security

When the world is unsafe trade cannot be optimized.